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Dear Members i want to know from the respected mambers, which house is seen for second marriage. I shall be highly thankful, if members explian in detail with some chart delineation. Thanks in anticipation Sanjay Sharma. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Hi, Experience in practical delineation of charts reveals , second marriage is to be seen from 11H.

Second Marriage In Horoscope and Astrology – an Ultimate Guide

Get it now. Dear Mr. This works for me others may have a different opinion. Also combination of 11th L with 7th lord or 7h leads to multiplicity more then one marraige or affairs.

Is there a successful second marriage in your horoscope?

I have also noted that if moon is placed in 7th house it leads to a fixed alliance getting broken and then getting married to somebody else. Again these are my experinces others might differ. Dear Madhu ji, Gaurav ji, In the light of Madhu ji's arguments let us rephrase our logic. How about that argument. I mean ignoring the argument that 2H can signify second marriage. That is a good point and a clue to us all in pointing out " how to understand ancient slokas effectively and logically "!

Thanks for that note. Note: As far as LL in 2H signifying many marriage, do anybody else have a logic to supply? Dear Sanjay ji, Let us clear this mess! Now the picture is becoming clearer - possibly. Rao there it is writen that second marriage should be seen from 9th house.. Hare rama krishna, dear sreenath ji and madhu ji and others. Yes prashna reethi in malayalam says more planets in 11th house gives more marriages , " labhe grahangal randenkil vivaham randulavayidum quoting from memory THis is my opinion --we hav to seperate the trends in delination of results.

Posted September 12, I am going to put the first chart.

This chart came to me like a month back when the native was having problems in marraige and now has separated from his wife. Problems started since Jan this year and are now separted. All are requested to participate and give there views. Hare ramakrishna, dear gaurav kapur ji , can u tell us lagna degrees and navamsa lagna and also whether the birth time is rectified.

This is south indian concept in seeing marriage and matchting Now transit of sani over sani and rahu -who is 6th lord and with rahu doubling the effects and without good jupiterian drishti after next gochar movement ,if he is not allready prepared for marriage it may delay for may be next 2 years. My preliminary comments for just starting discussion.

Others pls contribute. And the navamsha is gemini. Anyways lets not get into Navamsha and try to keep it simple by analyzing the Rasi chart first so that we can stay with the ongoing discussion. This chart has Pitra dosha and i have already advised the native to get a dosha nivarana in gaya which he would be getting done. Even i consider Moon very important while analyzing relations as Moon is the mind.

If u c from Moon in this case the picture becomes more clear. The picture becomes clear. But now lets talk about 2nd marraige. Ofcourse with multiplicity he cant remain unmarried. And having mahadasha of Jup which is 7L in Rasi and Navamsha y wont he. All are requested to give there views. Posted September 13, Hare rama krishna, dear gaurav kapur ji , yes i do considered moon as its aspected by jupiter and moon shud be given importance.

Second Marriage Problems and Solutions

Hi Gaur, This case again proves my contention that 11H stands for 2nd marriage. Ju, L7 of spouse in H11 of 2nd marriage aspected by L11 of 2nd marriage assures 2nd marriage. Transit of Jupiter, in Cp is likely to give another relation Best M Nair Tail's end--This native , irrespective of his social status, I can guarantee , will always be inwardly dreaming of making sexual intercourse with foreign ladies , repeat, foreign ladies. In BAV u will find that lagna has zero points.

I am not sure why this variation is taking place. Otherwise I would have calculated manually also. Anyway one thing is sure. There is some error in your calculation. Personally feel 2nd House signifies 2nd Marriage for what it is worth?

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If he is not legally seperated , he will get legal seperation in Saturn sub period that will start from 6Dec, and Tr Sat causing " Ashtama Sani " will set the law in motion. So cannot classify it into 2nd marraige alone. It shows more relations. I have horoscopes with me which had affairs and are now married to somebody else. So it show multiplicity not marraige as you are saying. I have also seen that if 7L goes to 5H 11 from 7th then also multiplicity exists.

To have a second marraige there should be affliction to the 7th house or lord. You cannot base it on 11 alone. This person is seperated from his wife now and i think the had a mutual consent on seperation are there is no litigation or fight involved. It was very peaceful and infact this guy came to me and told me that his ex is going around with some other guy now. So the cause of the seperation was another man in the girls life. I would post the data of the girl in another mail today for all of you to analyze. Find great prices on flights and hotels with FareChase.

Astrologer Abha Bansal takes you behind the Astrology of why marriages end.

Now I am putting down points related to multiplicity in this chart. Showing love marraige. This combination is aspected by moon from the 7H which happens to be the 11L again combinations of multiplicity. Ven being placed in 2nd house aspected by Mars. Other members are requested to comment. What will you watch tonight? Preview the hottest shows on TV.

Posted September 14, Each aspect shows a potential serious relationship but not necessarily one that turns into a marriage. Conjunctions seem to be the one's which do show a relationship which turns into marriage. Aspects from Mercury and Venus to the Sun show alliances which do not end up in becoming marriages.

They show more the opportunity for marriage.

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Aspects to the Nodes could indicate Karmic relationships which is not considered a marriage aspect, just a very strong karmic tie.